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         Qisi Stationery was found in Jan.6.2016 by Kevin, who work as the executives for more than 35 years and retired from the one of the most famous and professional pen &stationery manufactories in Tai Wan. In 2018, Qisi accepted the invitation of SQI Group to be its stationery subcompany. What we mainly do is to help clients well develop &program products, design Mold, and produce. Our brand “KID-ART” “HI-ART” ”S-OFFICE” are well known throughout many counties.
       With more than 35 years experiences of making and professional teams, our mainly work is to help clients well design, develop, program, process products, to well solve any problems or challenges during processing. We purse GOOD QUALITY WITH RESONABLE PRICE UNDER BEST SEVEISE.

    A. Professional engineering team:
         Tell us your product wants, we will design the mold art, 3D crafts, and other pre-work  for your    confirmation. we will give you the best advice.

   B. Precise Mold:
         According to the order’s quantity, sale requirements, we make diffident type molds for produce.

   C. Applications development:
         We are able to assembly new special machines to meet new production and improve the quality and productivity.

   D. Product testing
       We have Specialist tools for each stationery testing, in sure that every product’s best physical property and stable quality. 

   E. Best ink
       Smooth writing is very important when people buy a pen, so we developed and we controlled the skill of adjusting the nip and ink to be always fluent within different weather, environment, or user’s writing habits. 

   F. Quality Control (QC)
      We have a system of QC machine, TQC rules. We make BOM ( Bill of Material), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Quality Standard before start producing, and IQC (Incoming Quality Control) ,FAI ( First Article Inspection), PQC (Process Quality Control), FQC (Final Quality Control) during every part, in sure that every part processing well or any problem early find.

  G. Confidence and Trust
      In these years, we solve many problems and challenges from client or customers, which were other companies could not help. You trust is our confidence. Let’s   become best.